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Student Discipline

The faculty and staff at ECP are dedicated to creating a school community characterized by caring, discipline, order, and respect.


Code of Conduct
The school’s Code of Conduct serves as a
contract among parents, students and staff.
It is designed to guide the efforts of ECP teachers
and staff to create a safe, orderly environment and
to reinforce the primary mission of the school:
rigorous academic learning.  

The Code states all school-wide rules governing student behavior as well as the consequences for breaking the rules. These rules and approach to behavior are based on 3 non-negotiable expectations and our 7 Habits of Success.

Non-negotiable Rules
ECP has three non-negotiable rules to help ensure a safe and respectful learning environment.  

  1. Students will respect all teachers and staff members at all times

  2. Students will not take away from the education of other students 

  3. No bullying


Violations of these three rules will not be tolerated and students will face progressively stiffer consequences for breaking either of them.  

More details about our Code of Conduct and student discipline plan can be found in our Student and Parent Handbook (coming soon).

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